camouflage the true source of CIA malware.

Earlier WikiLeaks has published leaks details from Vault 7 and claimed how CIA was spying on users by its special hacking techniques and tools.

Wikileaks has now published more files from its Vault 7 series today which claims, show how CIA can hide its hacking attack to make it look like it is sponsored from other countries, including Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Dubbed “Marble”, released from Vault 7 and the 3rd part of CIA files contain 676 source code files of a secret forensic Marble Framework, the framework basically includes a deobfuscator to reverse CIA text obfuscation to hide and camouflage the true source of CIA malware.

Marble is used to hiding the true source from the forensic investigator and anti-viruses company from attributing the viruses, trojan and hacking attacks.

The Marble Framework is used for camouflage only and does not contain any vulnerabilities or bug or exploits by itself.

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Marble Framework' Source Code That CIA Used For Camouflage Hacking Attempts

The leaked files contain source codes includes Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi languages, as well as English, which shows how CIA is hacking users and tricking into believing that the attack is done by other countries.

Wikileaks explains in the blog post, “…for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese, but then showing attempts to conceal the use of Chinese, drawing forensic investigators even more strongly to the wrong conclusion,”.

WikiLeaks further explains, “[D]esigned to allow for flexible and easy-to-use obfuscation” as “string obfuscation algorithms (especially those that are unique) are often used to link malware to a specific developer or development shop.”

Marble source code includes a variety of the algorithm with foreign language text intentionally inserted to sophisticated malware code to fool security and to believe that the attack is sponsored.

Earlier WikiLeaks has released CIA hacking exploits and also unveiled vulnerabilities in the popular hardware and software of various tech giants include Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.

Second WikiLeaks revealed “Dark Matter”, which focused on exploits and hacking techniques developed to target iPhones and Macs.
Experts are analyzing the Marble source code to get more in-depth information.

Here is the source code attached.

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