Vevo Video Music Service Breached By OurMine - Leaked 3.12 TB Of Sensitive Data

OurMine breached the popular video streaming service Vevo and leaked about 3.12 TB of data on their website.

The breach included Vevo’s private dossiers on 90 artists, including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande, Florida Georgia Line, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction and U2.

Vevo is a joint venture between Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media, Warner Music Group, and Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.

Earlier, OurMine compromised social media account of HBO, defaced WikiLeaks website and last year they took over Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts. OurMine is a Saudi Arabian security group proclaimed as white hat hackers and offers their IT security service in order to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

The 3.12 TB breach data have been posted online and a couple of documents reviewed appear sensitive.

Vevo Video Music Service Breached By OurMine - Leaked 3.12 TB Of Sensitive Data
Image Credit: Gizmodo

On late Thursday, OurMine group posted the documents from Vevo on its website but after sometime OurMine removed the stolen data from its website on Vevo’s request.

Why The Data Was Leaked?

The hacking group Ourmine leaked data from Vevo after one of the employees was disrespectful to them on Linked. One of the company’s employees responded to the OurMine group,“fuck off you don’t have anything”.

The group posted on their website.

Vevo Video Music Service Breached By OurMine - Leaked 3.12 TB Of Sensitive Data

The breach was first reported by Dell Cameron of Gizmodo, who said the leaked Vevo content seems “pretty mild,” which contained “weekly music charts, pre-planned social media content, and various details about the artists under the record companies’ management.”

It is not still clear if they still have the access to the Vevo server or whether they have other additional sensitive information like emails, passwords and financial information.

Vevo in a statement about the security incident” can confirm that Vevo experienced a data breach as a result of a phishing scam via Linkedin. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent of exposure”.

Vevo also said,”the breach had not impacted the security of its United Kingdom office”.

OurMine is the same hacking group who are known for hacking into high profiles social media accounts, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Games Of Thrones leak, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN), Netflix, HBO, and the most recently WikiLeaks.

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