Trash Dove : Internet Is Going Mad Over This Purple Bird

Trash Dove, a bird has made internet mad. This Facebook sticker bird can be seen in many comments and you might be thinking that what it is?

If you are reading this posts you probably seen this blue bird in many comments . It was recently added by Social media websites and in short span of time it became the most popular sticker named as Trash Dove.

So, What is Trash Dove?

Trash Dove was actually created by artist Syd Weiler in September, it was first submitted to Apple Store. After getting included in Facebook Store, it became the most popular in Thailand.

According to Daily Dot, Nok the Thai word of bird which means a person suffering from unaccepted love, who is hopeless and alone.

Watch Out The Video.

Popularity of behind the Trash Dove is the a dancing animated cat next to the trash dove, Then after few seconds at the end of the video, it takes an adult turn. Haven’t watch the video. Watch it now.

แมวเด้ง + นกเด้า fusion

สัตว์โลกอมตีน 发布于 2017年2月7日

What inspired Syd Weiler to create Trash Dove?

Syd Weiler says that she got the sticker idea in Minneapolis. “I was sitting by a pond … and there were just pigeons everywhere. I had never thought about pigeons before. They’re funny little birds. They have really shiny, colorful, almost rainbow-y feathers, but then they bob around and waddle and beg for food. They’re like doves but they eat trash,” according to Mashable.

She also shared the video on Twitch TV, Where she is a full time creative streamer.

Every social media platform like Facebook, YouTube are going mad. Continuous comments and videos are being shared on internet.

Have you shared it? Are you seeing this purple bird sticker being used endlessly. Lets us know your views on this crazy thing going on.

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