Torrent Sites Are Going To Be Blocked By Search Engines

Google, Yahoo and Bing decided to block torrent according to a report.

Search Engine giant are working to block torrent to fight over piracy. Last year KickAss was taken down and was arrested for copyright infringement.

KickAss, the most famous torrent website was taken down on August 15, 2016. The founder Artem Vaulim was arrested in Poland by the officials. The most beloved site for piracy gone into dark form the Web.

Reason behind taking down the website was KickAss often avoid adhering to DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act). KickAss was not only the website taken down by the US officials Piratebay and other famous torrent website were facing take down too.

Now it is time for other torrent network.Although many torrent sites are up and running online.As per reports Google and other search engines are working on an agreement to block all torrent website from their directories.

The new algorithm will be implemented from June 1, 2017.Google is the famous and the most used search engines for all kinds of contents. Various websites use tactics to get listed on Google and other search engines to attract massive traffic on their websites.

Many of the torrent websites were blocked by search engines but barely it helps them to fight over piracy. Most of torrent websites change their domain names and come back on the Web. So individuals and firms are to fight with the problem of unlimited copyright infringement.

Google is now going to take down the website link’s from their directory but they will not put down the whole website.Users can search their favorite website by entering URL’s in the search engines. Torrent websites created problem for content creator whether they are individuals or a firm.

Now the search engine came up with a new idea.Lets see how they will get into it.

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