TensorFlow 1.0 An Open Source Machine Learning Framework
TensorFlow 1.0 An Open Source Machine Learning Framework, released by Google. It comes with lots of features and improvements which support 58x speed, integration with Python-based Keras library, experimental Java and Go APIs and lost more.

Google has launched TensorFlow 1.0 for machine learning. It have more than 6,000 open sources repositories online. According to Google it is ready for production so it is easier to manage and implement features without any breakage into codes.

It is fast and reliable compared to last versions. New High-level API implementation in TensorFlow 1.0 it becomes more flexible to work on it. It comes with tf.keras modules, It is now fully compatible with Keras and the most known High-level language Python Networks library.

Features of TensorFlow 1.0

  • Python APIs changed to resemble NumPy
  • APIs for Go and Java
  • Experimental release of XLA
  • Come With New Debugger
  • Easily customization
  • Speed and reliability
  • Support Hexagon digital signal processor (DS)
  • Distributed Training and support for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Google will release benchmarks by the end of the March and will compare with other deep learning Frameworks. Click here to get more updates.

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