Telegram instant messaging service has finally rolled out much-awaited voice calling feature in its new beta version of its Android app.

Telegram for secure calling using improved key exchange mechanism and quality will be better using Artificial Intelligence.

The company has bought the calling feature quite late, other giants like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Signal already bought the calling feature. The voice calling on Telegram mainly focused on security and based on same end-to-end encryption to make use secure calls being intercepted your calls.

Telegram by default does not support end-to-end encryption instead it offers a ‘Sceret Chat’ to completely secure their chats. By enabling secure chat feature in Telegram no one, not even Telegram or law enforcement can intercept your calls.

Emoji-Based Secure Key Exchange Mechanism:

The telegram has bought an interesting concept for making secure calls, users need to compare four emojis over the phone.

While making a call, you and your receipts need to compare four emoji over the phone.

The Company said in a blog post published Thursday, “The key verification UI we came up with in 2013 to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks served well for Telegram (and for other apps that adopted it), but for Calls, we needed something easier,”.

“That’s why we’ve improved the key exchange mechanism. To make sure your call is 100% secure, you and your recipient just need to compare four emoji over the phone. No lengthy codes or complicated pictures!”


Each time when you make calls on Telegram, an AI will learn from the device’ feedback. It has only technical information such as network speed, ping times, packet loss percentage, etc.

AI feature, as per Telegram, It provides enhanced sound quality and uses less data usage.

According to the Company, Telegram Calls are already superior to any of our competitors on comparable connections. But the quality of Telegram Calls will further improve as you and others use them, thanks to the built-in machine learning.


Calls on Telegram go over the peer-to-peer connection, using the best audio codecs to save traffic while providing crystal-clear quality.

A telegram has infrastructure all over the world for a better conversation like delivering your texts but now the server will also use for calls. If the peer-to-peer connection can’t be established, the closest server will connect you to the person as fast as possible.

According to Telegram, In the coming months, we’ll be expanding our content delivery network around the globe, getting the connection up to light-speed even in remote areas.

Complete Control:

A user on Telegram can control who can and who can’t call you. A user can switch off calls and could block anyone and everyone from calling you.

It provides data compression feature that will reduce 25-30% by reducing your sound quality. To enable the Use Less Data option in Data and Storage Settings.

You can even compress your videos, you can adjust the compression and see the quality of the video before sending it to your friends.

The telegram also provides other feature includes, in iOS, you can add a dedicated tab for calls on the main screen. Alternatively, you can turn the Calls tab on right away from the Recent Calls section in Settings.

When Voice calls are enabled, a phone icon will appear on every profile page.

You can also call by tapping the top bar in a chat and choosing ‘Call’ on iOS.
On Android, the Call button is in the ‘…’ the menu at the top.

For Android, the call tab accessible in the main menu on the left.

Telegram version 3.18 which includes Voice Calling, is free to download for iPhone on the App Store and Android phone on the Google Play Store.

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