How Technology Is Changing The World

Ever notice how technology is changing the world smaller and smaller as days go by. What are some of the ways? Any ideas? This article exemplifies on this point.

Let’s take the example of a cell phone. Texting, making free phone calls on Viber, emailing and browsing sites can all be done within the little length of a cell phone. This digital device is handy and its facilities have reached the whole world across. It has become an essential commodity of life, shrinking the world so much smaller.

TABs, laptops, IPads and other digital devices have bigger screens and so people can use social media and LinkedIn more conveniently to network with friends and professionals respectively.

You can reach any corner of the world now from the comfort of your home. Online business is so much easier and there are so many tools and facilities to augment it.

Life without cell phones, TABs and laptops along with the internet and its applications is hardly imaginable. They have become the part and parcel of our life.

Software such as databases, EXCEL, Word and programming languages when put to efficient use, we can develop some beautiful programs and execute them can bring in the revenues of an organization, contributing to the economy of the nation and therefore, the world.

How about physical communication systems such as cars, buses, taxis, aeroplanes, trains and ships and the lot? Yes, they contribute to shrinking the world as well by making travel around the world faster, more convenient, more comfortable, more equipped with facilities, enabling the systems to be organized and modern.

How about books? Yes, books are an important commodity of life and authors and writers all over the world can write eBooks in different digital formats and also in hard cover in various popular niches such as personal development, computers and technology, fiction and others. All these are at our finger tips from the comfort of our home by just clicking on Amazon, free book sites or other online book stores.

AI, Artificial Intelligence one of the best example, Discovery of AI made everything possible from solving long mathematics equation to learning deep web to programming, AI’s have self-learning abilities making them different from humans.

The AI field draws upon computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial psychology and many others. And, one of the best examples for AI is IBM Watson, which helps in curing cancer and learning their symptoms.

Is there anything you would like to contribute to the world and spread your message across? Every tool is within your reach and materializing any big dream is so much easier now with technology.

So dream as big as you would like and technology in your hands will help to manifest those dreams shortly.

What else can you do with technology? Best of all you can browse sites, read articles, blogs as well as forums and expand your zenith of knowledge.

You can extract tips and tactics from these resources and apply them daily to your work projects and so your work at the office can be done smoothly and conveniently without stress and time pressure.

Although there are downsides to technology, in this article I only focus on the positive sides so that you feel inspired and encouraged to use technology every day this way.

Doing so, you soar higher and higher upwards where the sky is the limit and thereby, help to shrink your world even tinier along with your team of colleagues, friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

Guest Posting Author – Rosina S Khan.

Website –

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