Taringa: Over 28 Millions User's Account Leaked In The Massive Data Breach

Taringa,”The Latin American Reddit”, have been breached and over 28 Million users login details are exposed in the massive data breach.

According to LeakBase, a breach notification service, who has obtained the copy of the hacking database details of 28 Million accounts, which includes usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords.

Taringa, “The Latin American Reddit”, is the most popular social network for Latin American users, thousands of users share posts relating to topics like hacking, tutorials, technology, reviews, gadgets, science and arts.

Analysis of The Trianga Database.

More than 5 Million Taringa users database is dumped by LeakBase. The dumps contain usernames and passwords.

The dumped passwords of the account are encrypted with MD5 algorithm. MD5 encryption is easy to crack and is outdated, a hacker can easily crack these passwords within a second.

In a more deep analysis of the leaked data, the LeakBase researchers claimed the passwords were too weak – including 123456, 000000, Barcelona, metallica, qwertyuiop and Santiago and it took a second to crack them. The top email domains included Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.

The data breach has occurred last month, and the company then alerted its users via a blog post, sharing more information about the massive data breach.

Taringa in a blog post elaborating their breach,”On the 1/8 day we suffered an external attack that compromised the security of our databases and the code of Taringa !. It is likely that the attackers have made the database containing nicks, email addresses and encrypted passwords”.

It is still unknown that the hacker still has the access to the Taringa server or not. And also it is still unclear who is behind the attack on Taringa massive breach.

Taringa has taken several steps to protect their users by forcing compromised users to change their passwords. Taringa has already alerted their users about the breach.

Meanwhile, we have reported how an unknown hacker breached Instagram, Facebook-owned photo sharing platform using a vulnerability in its API and compromised over 6 Million “high-profiles” accounts. One day later, the hacker started to sell 6 Million accounts on an online Dark Web website Doxagram for $10.

How To Protect Yourself.

If you are affected by the breach, you should change your password immediately.
Don’t click on any suspicious links or attachment you have received via email, as the hacker can use social engineering to gain more access to the victim machine.

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