Smart TV Maker Fined With $2.2 Million On Spying On Its11 Million Users

Smart TV maker Vizio one of the biggest smart TV maker was alleged for spying its 11 million users secretly and collecting user’s data and selling them to the third party without the user’s explicit consent.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Monday that it has spied on its 11 million users with its Smart Interactivity feature, and rather than fighting, Vizio company has agreed to pay a $2.2 Million fine to settle the lawsuit.

Statement –“To settle the case, Vizio has agreed to stop unauthorized tracking, to prominently disclose its TV viewing collection practices, and to get consumers’ consent before collecting and sharing viewing information,” the FTC says.

In addition, Vizio company should delete all user data collected and should put privacy program.Besides the smart TV maker also collected user’s household IP and zip code and shared with third parties.The collected data is used by the third party for targeting advertising.The data tracking software worked by collecting a selection of on-screen pixels every second and then compared that data to a database of known movies, television shows and commercial and some other type of video contents.This process is known as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR).

However, Vizio has taken a step to stop unauthorized tracking, Vizio will ask for user consent before sharing private information with the third parties.

How to Stop Your Smart TV From Spying on You Guide

To check if your smart TV is also spying on you, open Vizio TV’s settings menu and check if options under “Automated content recognition (ACR)” are ON. If Yes, Then go through the below steps:

  1. Open Setting Menu and Select System
  2. Select Reset & Admin
  3. Select Smart Interactivity.
  4. Press the arrow to change setting to off

Besides this, Vizio has agreed to delete all users data from its database gathered from it users.

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