Signal Enables Encrypted Video Calls In Beta Release

Signal, A messaging apps that is known for there privacy. Now it had taken a step further to protect there users by encrypting video calls in their beta release.

Signal users need to enable video calling to enjoy encrypted video calls.Its beta version is available for both Android and iOS.

Signal Enables Encrypted Video Calls In Beta Release


According to Marlinspike¬†” We think, its a big improvement, but now it is rolled out as beta to collect feedback from the users and will be no surprise that it will be rolled out soon for everyone by default”.

Marlinspike also said that with this new calling feature in iOS would enable a callkit which allows users to answer the calls with a single touch from the lock screen but both the parties should have beta version enabled.

What Is Callkit?

Callkit, feature allows answering phone with one click in iOS. Users can disable it within iOS device’s setting to enhance privacy.

Signal is developed by an open source group Open Whishper System.Signal is free and open source desgined for both Android and iOS platforms.It also support end-to-end encryption chat and voice calling with incognito mode

You can learn more about it on Whisper’s Blog

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