Scientists Store A Movie, A Computer OS And A Virus Inside DNA With 100% Accuracy

The days of storing your data in your CDs and Pen drives are gone and this is the future DNA Storage.

In the recent years, the amount of data is increasing day by day and it is estimated to reach 44 trillion GB by 2020 and for processing that and to compete with the pace of this data we need high speed and processing and a huge amount of storage in a limited space.

The problem with CDs and Pen drives are that they have less and limited capacity of storage so, they stand out from the competition and now many types of research are finding new and suitable storage medium that has both speed and high storage capacity.

But now scientists have found one that is the DNA. At first, it seemed impossible for scientists but the scientists from the Data Science Institute and the New York Genome Center discovered published a new paper new means of storing data on DNA and it was successful with 100% accuracy and 60% efficiency. Last year, Microsoft purchased 10 million strands of synthetic DNA from San Francisco DNA synthesis startup called Twist Bioscience.

The scientists successfully stored 214 petabytes of data per gramme of DNA that included 6 files that are:

  • A full computer operating system
  • A computer virus
  • A 1948 study by information theorist by Claude Shannon
  • A 1985 French movie ‘Arrival of a train at La Ciotat’
  • A pioneer plaque
  • A $50 Amazon gift card

How The Researchers Stored Digital Data On DNA

Yaniv Erlich, from California University and Dina Zielinski, from the New York Genome Center, looked for algorithms that were being used to encode and decode data.

The files that were to be stored in the DNA were converted into binary strings of 0s and 1s and they were compressed into master file and were randomly packaged and divided into short strings of binary code which is called a droplet by using an algorithm called DNA fountain and each droplet has a barcode in the sequence that helped to reassemble the file.

Then these droplets were encoded into the four nucleotide bases A, G, C and T that ended up with a list of 72000 DNA strands that contained the data.

The files were retrieved using a modern sequencing technology to read the DNA strands followed by a translator that translated the genetic code into binary code and the file was retrieved with zero errors.

According to Erlich, they were able to “encode 1.6 bits of data per nucleotide, 60% better than any group had done before and 85% the theoretical limit.”

Features Of DNA As A Storage Medium

  • High data storage density
  • Long lasting ability
  • Ultra compact
  • Data can last for hundreds and thousands of years if stored in a cool and dry place

Data storage on a DNA is very expensive and unsuitable for large-scale applications. The scientists had to spend $7000 to create strands of 2 MB and $2000 extra for reading it. It is still under research and experiments for more improvements and it may be the future means of storage.

Share your thoughts On this new Storage Technology. Have you ever thought that it can be possible?Now, it seems to be true.

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