Samsung May Skip Galaxy S8 And May Announce S8 Plus

Samsung may not come with S8 but it is releasing S8 plus first.A recent leak logo image shows that “Samsung galaxy S8 plus, it means that the south Korean company might skip S8.

There are chances that Samsung might announce the Galaxy S8 Plus, alongside Galaxy S8. Well, for now, there is no further information on the rumored Galaxy S8 Plus.Evan Blass, a mobile reporter in his twitter account, posted the picture of the Galaxy S8 Plus’ logo.

However, there’s still a doubt about it as Samsung is yet to issue an official statement on the same.It will come 6GB variant and with two storage units. One with 64GB and other with 128GB. And the 64GB variant can be priced at CNY 6,0 is aroundRs. 59,546. Whereas the 128GB version will be available at CNY 6,488, which comes around Rs. 63,458 and it will come with same battery as of note 7.

Stay tuned for more updates.Samsung May Skip Galaxy S8 And May Announce S8 Plus

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