Revealing Deep web And Dark Web

Today everyone has access to the internet and everyone uses it but there is something hidden and secret about the internet that covers the major part than we use and know about the internet.

Everyone is familiar with the internet, we surf the net, send and receive emails, and use social networking websites and much more. These websites are called surface webs or visible webs because it is visible to people and also they are indexed by search engines and accessible which means they can be searched using search engines and is accessible but the internet is so large and huge, that it is not possible for search engines to provide indexing to every website and those websites lie deep beneath the surface web and from here the categorization of the non-indexed web starts. The categorizations are:-

Revealing Deep web And Dark Web

  • Deep Web- These are the websites that are non-indexed but are accessible directly which means that they cannot be searched through search engines but we can access the sites by directly visiting it. It need not be necessarily malicious but it is too long to be covered by the search engine because they exceed the limitations of crawling and indexing of the software’s and it is estimated to be 400-500 times larger than the surface web. The deep include user database, password- protected websites, web archives etc. It is called the deep web because it covers the deepest part of the internet.
    Revealing Deep web And Dark Web
    Deep web and visible web
    • Dark Web- Some people often gets confuses and mix dark web(also called dark net) with deep web and it isn’t true, there is a difference between both. Dark Web is the part of Deep Web that is also non-indexed but it is not accessible directly, we need special software that hides users original ip to get access to these sites like it need specific proxying software or authentication to gain access or proprietary protocols. These are the websites that are hosted anonymously by special organizations or people to perform illegal and criminal activities like gambling, smuggling, drug selling etc. The special softwares are TOR Browser, freenet etc. Hosting these sites requires huge amount of risks and money. Dark web is also used legally by the armies and government to keep missions and operations and secrets from people and domestic abuse, government oppression etc that can call a serious issue.

      Revealing Deep web And Dark Web
      Dark web

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