Radio Stations Hacked to Play
After the ban on refugees and ban on Muslim Majority, another incident taken place. Radio stations in South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky, were hacked and forced to play Bompton-based rapper YG and Nipsey Hussle’s anti-Trump song “Fuck Donald Trump,”The songs is already made its hits across some parts of the country.
The song was repeatedly played on Monday night, according to the RadioInsight, Hackers were able to gain by exploiting the known vulnerabilities in Barix Exstreamer devices which can decode audio file formats and send them along for LPFM transmission.Over Dozen of the radio station where looped to play anti-trump songs.
The hackers or group of hackers behind the cyber attack is still not known The affected stations so far include:
  • 105.9 WFBS-LP Salem, S.C.
  • Radio 810 WMGC/96.7 W244CW Murfreesboro TN
  • 101.9 Pirate Seattle
  • 100.9 WCHQ-LP Louisville
  • 100.5 KCGF-LP San Angelo TX

Radio stations in California, Indiana, and Washington also been compromised but the news is still unconfirmed.


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