New PornHub Ransomware Lock User's Device And Demand $100 In Bitcoin

New Ransomware installed by using fake Pornhub apps.

Ransomware attack has increased tremendously and been infecting every possible target from big infrastructure, educational institutions to small devices like smartphones etc.

Now new ransomware demanding $100 in Bitcoin to unlock Android device. The ransomware installed by using fake Pornhub apps.

Security researchers from ESET have recently discovered an app of an adult website which is actually ransomware and when the users try to access or download the Pornhub app on their smartphone, they are actually downloading ransomware.

Dubbed as Android/FakeAV.E by ESET, the fake Pornhub apps promise to give pornographic contents but instead infects with ransomware and lock out the user’s smartphone, demanding ransom for unlock key.

Pornhub is not available on the Play Store due to pornographic contents but has its official apps on its website. So it is easy to provide malicious apps from unknown sources, thus making hackers task easy.

“Fake copies of legitimate antivirus programs used to be the domain of rogue AVs on Windows,” reads the ESET report. Android/FakeAV.E also abuses another well-known brand Avast.

When the app is launched, instead of showing pornographic contents, it pop-ups a window telling user must “check for viruses”. After clicking OK, the fake AV, which looks exactly same as Avast and thus, abuses another well-known brand, then runs its fake scan installs ransomware, locks out users smartphones and ask to pay $100 bitcoin for unlock key.

Eastern European to US users is being targeted with this ransomware.

According to ESET, the number of Android ransomware detection has grown in year on year comparison by more than 50%, with the largest increase in the first half of 2016.

If you have been locked out with this new Android ransomware malware, ESET recommends booting your Android into safe mode and then uninstall the malicious app.

How to become safe from this kind of Attacks.

  • Should keep up to date mobile security apps.
  • Create a backup of your system or important data.
  • Avoid third-party application from unknown sources.
  • Avoid downloading Android porn apps altogether.

Get more information on how to become safe from this kind of attacks Click Here.

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