The New Lenovo Pro Laptops Include Builds For VR

The technology giant Lenovo releasing a trio of professional workstations for VR production. The ‘ThinkPad P71’ has the screen size of 17-inch and is certified as a VR-ready device by NVIDIA, Oculus, and HTC. This laptop includes both a mobile Xeon E3 processor and up to Quadro P5000 workstation graphics. Support for up to 64GB of RAM and four storage devices (across both conventional and solid-state drives), too. This powerful gadget includes Thunderbolt 3 ports to plug in displays and docks, while there’s an optional 4K display for crisper and sharper non-VR visuals.

The another Lenovo’s device is more portable as compared to ‘P71’. The ‘ThinkPad P51s’ gadget has the display of 15-inch and is definitely the hero of the group. This P51 is thinnest and lightest workstation to date, coming in at a relatively modest 4.3 pounds and an Ultrabook-worthy 0.79 inches thick. It won’t be as powerful as the P71, but we will still get 7th-generation core processor, RAM up to 32GB, an optional 4K display, and Quadro M520M video. A more conventional ThinkPad P51 is on tap if you’re willing to get a bulkier 15-inch machine in return for faster processors (including the P71’s Xeon chip), faster optional graphics (the Quadro M2200M) and up to 64GB of memory.

Lenovo ships the P51s in March, and it’ll be the most affordable of the batch with a starting $1049 in the USA. The P51 and P71, meanwhile, are both more expensive and relative latecomers: they’ll arrive in April with respective starting prices of $1,399 and $1,849. The company yet not decided the releasing month in India.

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