Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017, a new version of Microsoft’s IDE. Visual Studio 2017 brings support for non-Windows OS that let developers build mobile apps and cloud on Linux, Mac, and others. You can download Visual Studio 2017 from its official website. This download comes with an offer that gives free access to Xamarin University to learn to code.

As we earlier reported the release date of Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 and some features.

Microsoft Visual Studio’s public preview rolled out from testing phase and now it is available for the public to download. Visual Studio 2017 has several new feature and support for Mac, Linux, etc. Microsoft claimed that it is the most productive version yet. Microsoft significance the capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 to “build any application, help any developer, on any platform.” The app development on Visual Studio is centred on cloud and mobile apps for any Operating System.

Microsoft Launched Visual Studio 2017 For Public Download

Visual Studio 2017 new features includes sped-up and overhauled installation and project loads three times faster than Visual Studio 2015, it enhanced the navigation too, support for the new languages has improved in this update, Linux support for C++, real-time testing for code, CMake support for C++, cloud connectivity, Xamarin Forms Previewer, .NET Core and DevOps among others.

List of new features in Visual Studio 2017:

  • Modified navigation with new features
  • Azure SDK for .NET
  • Support for F# 4.1 language
  • Better startup and load time
  • Installation Nickname, and other IDE improvements
  • Introduction of Git features
  • Enhanced Visual Studio Feedback Workflow
  • Inclusion of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core libraries
  • Xamarin 4.3 support
  • Live Unit Testing
  • NuGet support
  • Visual C++
  • Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio
  • Extended support for C# 7.0 and Visual Basic
  • Developer Command Prompt

You can download Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 from its official website from here and also can take part in the training session which is going online here. Training sessions are of 8Hrs. So if you are a beginner you should attend the highly knowledgeable training session.

There is two training session is going on and you can choose anyone:

  1. Web Development
  2. Apps Development

So, don’t miss any chance. Microsoft is also offering free licence and 60-days extended Xamarin licence at no cost.

Want to learn more about Xamarin click here.

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