Microsoft To Launch Visual Studio 2017 On March 7

Microsoft has done a big announcement on his 20 anniversary of visual studio.

Microsoft is going to launch Visual Studio 2017 IDE on its two-day live show on march 7.The event will feature the keynote and improvement in new Visual Studio 2017 IDE with the live training sessions on the last day.

The Visual Studio 2017 comes with a number of improvements with a service like Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio InterDev. The focus was mainly done on Microsoft Azure to enable developers helping in building Cloud based apps.

Improvement is done in code navigation interface, IntelliSense, Refactoring and Code Debugging. Microsoft is also offering Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017 which helps the developer in the building .NET based Android, Windows and iOS apps.

Microsoft is also aiming at improving web-apps development with ASP.NET. This version brings more updated and improved Visual C to Visual Studio. Microsoft in a statement says that Visual Studio 2017 is designed to work faster and simpler to use and develop apps.

The live streaming will be done on March 7. Anyone can register and can watch the live two-day sessions on Microsoft Website and the updates, change logs are available here.

Visual Studio 2017 Live Event Registration Click Here(Scheduled on March 7).

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