Microsoft Window 10 privacy concerns about its data collection practices. Now everything is going to be changed, as Microsoft is updating its privacy statement and publishing information, about the concern why and what data it collects from users.

The company had never said what data it collects behind, which raised huge privacy concerns among the users.

Now Microsoft for the first time had revealed what data Window 10 collects from your computer with the release of the window 10 creators update. Now it is the end of the mysterious data practices.

Windows chief Terry Myerson in a company blog post explains. “We are also providing a detailed summary of the data we collect from users at both Basic and Full levels of diagnostics.”

Basic – The Basic level collects a limited set of information that is critical for understanding the devices and its configuration including app compatibility, basic device information, quality related information and Window Store. It also includes the Security level information.

Full – Full level data diagnostic covered into following categories:

  • Common Data (diagnostic header information)
  • Device, Connectivity, and Configuration data
  • Product and Service Usage data
  • Product and Service Performance data
  • Software Setup and Inventory data
  • Content Consumption data
  • Browsing, Search and Query data
  • Inking, Typing, and Speech Utterance data
  • Licensing and Purchase data

Microsoft on Wednesday published a massive list of diagnostics – both the basic and full data of diagnostic on its Technet, you can visit here to get full information, what data are get collected.

The Window 10 Creator Update, which will be available from April 11 for the users, comes with new privacy setting section.

Microsoft is introducing better controls over its Window 10 data collection levels in the Creator Update. The control allows users to switch between basic and full levels of data collection.

During upgrading to the creator updates, you will be displayed a new Privacy Setting Screen that will ask you to toggle the features according to your ease: Below is the image of revamped Privacy Setting Menu:

Microsoft Finally Revealed, What Data Does Window 10 Collects From Users Computers

Location: Allow Window and apps to request your location and share it with Microsoft.

Speech Recognition: Allow Cortana to recognise your voice and send that to Microsoft to improve speech recognition.

Diagnostic Data: Send diagnostic data to Microsoft to troubleshoot your technical glitch and improves Microsoft products and services.

Relevant Ads: Allow apps to use advertising IDs to show more relevant ads according to your app data usage.

Microsoft Finally Revealed, What Data Does Window 10 Collects From Users Computers

Marisa Rogers in a blog post,”As part of our commitment to transparency and your privacy, today we’re bringing those enhancements front and center, and sharing three new things that will help you be more informed about your privacy with Windows 10″.

Marisa Rogers, Microsoft’s Windows and devices privacy officer says,“We will also share more information about how we will ensure Windows 10 is compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation”.

It’s a smart move from Microsoft and will improve trust among users. Let’s see whether this information put users at ease.

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