Microsoft Allows You To Train Your Drones, Bots From Its New Real World Simulator

Microsoft is about to share some awesome tools with the open source community, researchers will get the advantage of this simulator that will let them train robots and drones in a virtual territory to prepare them for working in the real world.

Microsoft Allows You To Train Your Drones, Bots From New Real World Simulator

Ashish Kapoor, the Microsoft researcher in charge of the project said that a lot of experiments can be done but even if it fails it will cost a little. He also believes that developers will be able to generate random environments and also they can crash drones accordingly, but Microsoft isn’t only going to limit this to just autonomous vehicles but also it can crash any kind of autonomous vehicle in early days as admitted by Kapoor in the tool’s initial release but Kapoor also believes that it will be able to help with computer vision or even other data-driven machine learning systems in the future. Kapoor also admits that it can be thought of as a data generator or any kind of sensors like a laser or a radar and a lot of training data can be generated for any of the above sensing modalities and in turn, data can be generated that can be used for training.

There are some simulators existed to test and train drones and bots, photo realistic but Microsoft claims its latest tool and is far more advanced, and the simulator are will accurately face the directional challenges of the real world.Researchers and Engineers are exploring the possibility of training real-life activities in virtual zones.Even we can test Artificial Intelligence creations in Minecraft, the tech giant MS is used photo-realistic technologies, so their simulator will let us train a drone over a realistic setting with shadows and reflections.

The gathering of training data is necessary for researchers in order to build algorithms that are required for the autonomous vehicles to respond correctly but the simulator is not designed to replace the real world testing but it can also be used alongside with testing to replicate scenarios hundreds or thousands of times.

A good news for developers are that they don’t have to write separate codes for controlling the DJI and MavLink drones, it is included in the Microsoft’s Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform and also Microsoft is planning to add more tools to the platform in the future that would help developers to build perception abilities and progress the safety of AI-powered autonomous vehicles. Microsoft’s simulator and tools can be found at the company’s GitHub repository.
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