Lineage OS Is Now Available For OnePlus 3T And For Others

Lineage OS is the Android based custom ROM project launched in 2016 by the team members of CyanogenMod, basically we can say it is a successor of CyanogenMod, and the team is quite busy in adding new devices that can support the Lineage OS. After launching its official builds for several devices in mid-January, The team has now added another more devices that can run the Android Nougat-based Lineage OS 14.1.

Now CyanogenMod devices will be handled by the Lineage OS team. You may already know till now that CyanogenMod is dead now all its services including the nightly builds for all supported devices, will no longer available. Thanks to the CyanogenMod team that had decided not to break the thoughts of manier CM users and converted it into Lineage.

The new edition of Lineage is for OnePlus 3t, and even the builds have been now combined with the previous versions of OnePlus. The list of other devices are older but yet impact-full, it includes the Asus Zenfones too, along with Googe phones. To check the complete list of devices which are getting Lineage OS click here , even you can download the Lineage OS from here.

Hopefully, the CyanogenMod team will continue to sum more devices to the list of Lineage OS, and it will keep updating with the custom ROM . If you have experienced the all new Lineage OS in your devices, then please let us know in the comment section below.

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