LG G6 Teasers Point To Waterproofing, Focuses On Reliability


LG G6 Teasers Point To Waterproofing, Focuses On Reliability

LG G6 is preparing up to be a pretty powerful phone, building on LG’s established standout features like sound and display. There are more featured phone available in the market however, any phone reliability and durability are equally important, if not more so. Thankfully, in a series of new teaser of LG makes it clear and they understand this.

It released today two new teasers that deliver on these themes. The first one says “Reliability Check, check, check.” The second one is even more crucial, declaring “Resist more Under pressure.” So let’s break down what they are talking about.

The first teaser shows about reliability check check check which shows that LG is working hard on the phone for getting it more featured and a powerful phone.

The second teaser is pretty obvious: The LG G6 is waterproof. “resist” and “pressure” throws a pretty clear picture of water resistance that can handle full submersion. It’s hard to say what kind of rating they will go with, but  imagine once what  they’ll at least try to match Samsung, which means an IP68 rating that can handle a depth of 1.5 meters for upto 30 minutes — or perhaps even better if LG wants to really stand out here.

lets see what else teasers are coming and wait for the official launch till then keep calm and stay tuned to us for more exciting news.


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