KasperskyOS : A Hackproof OS Developed By Antivirus Firm Kaspersky

KasperskyOS, the most awaited OS has been launched by Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cyber security and antivirus vendor.

KasperskyOS, a Microkernel architecture which is specially designed for network devices, industrial control systems and Internet Of Things (IoTs).

Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene confirmed the rumors of new Kaspersky OS on his official blog, saying this project is under the code-name 11-11 has been in the works for 14 years and has been designed from scratch.

Kaspersky OS is not for average home PC, It is developed to protect industrial systems and embedded devices from cyber attacks by preventing any malicious code from executing.

KasperskyOS : A Hackproof OS Developed By Antivirus Firm Kaspersky

The reason behind developing Kaspersky OS

The Increase in Internet Of Things(IoTs), embedded devices in industrial control system (ICS), and to power infrastructure by providing advanced systems to prevent cyber attacks on them.

According to Kaspersky, It’s quite easy for most companies to get rid of the virus-infected computer, as they all need to do is unplug the infected ones from the network.

But since Industrial Control System (ICS) are usually handling critical tasks and infrastructure must be powered all the time, and can’t be taken offline for a single second, the malware is targeting these types of ICS systems is a major problem.

So according to Kaspersky, the only solution is to develop a secure operating system with strict security standards that could help in reducing the chances and risk of cyber security over ICS or IoT devices.

KasperskyOS is not developed on Linux.

Kaspersky OS is a Microkernel OS, which basically means using the minimum amount of ingredients to bake your own operating system. It is a GUI-less operating system been developed and constructed from scratch and does not contain a single Linux code in it.

Statement — “All the popular operating systems are not designed with security in mind, so it is simpler and safer to start from the ground up and do everything correctly. Which is just what we did,” said Kaspersky.

Kaspersky OS has been developed to allow programs to execute only those functions which are crafted in the OS under the strict security policy.

The best part is that the customer of KasperskyOS can examine the source code to see if the system does not contain any undocumented policy. The KasperskyOS have their own security engine so that users can craft their own security policies.

Kaspersky has developed three products for creating a package that could be applied to customize.

  • An Operating System (KasperskyOS)
  • A standalone secure hypervisor (KSH) for running virtual machines
  • A system for secure interaction between OS components (KSS)

Kaspersky OS is not designed for the general purpose instead, it is developed to protect critical infrastructure, IoT, industrial control systems, device control systems etc.

You can get more technical information of the KasperskyOS can be found on The Official page of KasperskyOS and here is the official document.

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