According to a report from the fast company, iPhone 8 or iPhone X (rumored)might have no physical button and with full Bessel design as from report.The new phone will look something like a smooth black monolith, with few visual interruptions.

The device will also come with the dual lens a stainless steel chassis with a glass back and maybe the volume and power buttons may be removed by a touch sensitive inlays as from fast company report.

The iPhone 8 will sport 3D-sensing technology, which could allow for AR applications and a possible facial recognition feature.

And as the most apple users face the battery issue this time apple may come with a big battery with a new phone and new technology the phone maybe the most expensive phone of apple.

It means now you have to give up the two kidneys and might be more from something doesn’t matter at what price the next iPhone will come, the craze and excitement will be getting more as more rumors of iPhone will come and most important is that this iPhone may come with wireless charging and this maybe most of the customer problems with short wire problem provided by companies.

well if all that happened in the coming iPhone then it would be great for everyone.

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