Intel India Announces To Launch AI Developer Programs In India

Intel India announces to launch AI developer programs in India in order to boost the usage of Artifical Intelligence in India.

Global leader of chip maker and seller Intel in a conference held in Bengaluru on Tuesday said that it will take an initiative to launch its AI developer program to train and educate 15,000 individuals on AI technologies that include scientists and engineers all across the country and also by collaborating with partners and customers across India.

It has planned to organise 60 programs that include lectures, roadshows, workshops and roundtables.

The whole process will take place through technical sessions. Under the Digital India scheme, it is undergoing through digital transformations, and everything is occurring digitally and in automated pattern from transactions to communication so, we need intelligent analysis and decision support systems that would analyse and process the data intelligently to help companies, government and industries take effective decisions and also increasing the employment and opportunities for implementing AI across the country.

Reports say Prakash Mallya, Managing Director of Intel South Asia at a conference said that it will collaborate with companies like Hewlett-Packard, Wipro, Julia Computing and Calligo Technologies to implement the programme. He also said that it is targeting various fields in IT like BFSI, Telecom, internet of things etc where the use of AI can be implemented and are complementary to AI.

It also hosted its first AI day with the industries, government and discussed the potential of AI. He also said that their collaboration with the industries and the academia will help to democratise AI by reducing the entry barriers for students, developers and scientists.

Last month Intel merged and formed its new unit called Artificial Intelligence Products Group(AIPG) that work on the AI operations and it will focus on the development of AI chips and software. After becoming the largest and successful producer of CPU Intel wants to expand the production of GPU(Graphical Processing Unit).

Its collaboration with the companies like Google and AI startups like Saffron, movies, Nervana Systems and Mobileye to implement the AI worldwide and also considering the AI’s development and research and giving it an edge at the time when embedded computers are becoming important worldwide.

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