AI’s Miracle In Field Of Medical Science: The IBM WATSON

IBM (International Business Machine) has done a miracle in the field of AIM (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) technology by inventing the supercomputer IBM Watson. After defeating the skilled players Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings in a television quiz show Jeopardy, the US clinics started testing it in the practice of medicine.

What is Watson?

Watson is a question answering machine and is a supercomputer that combines Artificial Intelligence with sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance. It was developed in IBM’s DeepQA project by a research team led by principal investigator David Ferrucci. This computer is named after the IBM founder Thomas J.Watson.

What is the need of Watson?

In recent years, the volume of healthcare data reached 150 Exabyte. At projected growth rates, the volume of healthcare data will soon be zeta byte and yottabyte scale. That’s enough data to fill a stack of DVDs that would pile up from Earth to Mars. Now, for any doctor, it is very tough or impossible to go through all these data and suggest suitable treatment for the patient that can help to cure the patient. For Watson, this problem is the strength for it because it combines millions of books, journals and various records within seconds and suggests suitable treatments for that patient.

 Ability of Watson

The Watson supercomputer processes at a rate of 80 teraflops (trillion floating-point operations per second). To overtake a high-functioning human’s ability to answer questions, Watson accesses 90 servers with a combined data store of over 200 million pages of information, which it processes against six million logic rules. The device and its data are self-contained in a space that could accommodate 10 refrigerators.

Components of Watson

From healthcare providers to researchers, nutritionists and social program administrators, IBM Watson Health can help us.Watson provides knowledge to help clinicians take better care of their patients, government program leaders care for their clients, and consumers take better care of themselves.

Watson can help in

  • Wellness
  • Care
  • Understand
  • Discovery
  • Education etc

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