Watson Becomes More Powerful To Fight Cyber Crime, IBM.

As you know Watson, is an Artificial Intelligence Device developed by IBM.In our previous post we have posted how Watson is helping us in the field of Medical Science(to know more about Watson click here)

Now IBM is bringing Watson to fight over cyber crime with its new Cognitive SOC platform, which will help in making security field more advance.

IBM cognitive computing platform, is now ready to fight cyber crime. IBM will be the first company to implement cognitive security operation with Watson(AI).

What Is Watson ?

It is a machine learning device and statistical analysis. IBM is making Watson to fight
real world problems like cancer diagnosis/treatment, traffic accident prevention and tax reporting.

Over the past years,Watson is trained with over 1 million security documents, which means now IBM Watson can help security analyst to fight over cyber crime which were never accessible to modern security tools.

According to IBM, security teams sift through more than 200,000 security events per day on average, leading to over 20,000 hours per year wasted chasing false positives. The need for making cognitive technology to keep up with increase in cyber crime over next five years and will maintain regulation not only globally but also in India.

Increase in schemes like Make In India, Digital India and Skill India results in more security problems and cyber attacks, so will need some solution which can analyze, detect, predict and fight over coming security threats including the emerging ones.

According to IBM, It will be integrated into IBM’s new cognitive SOC platform bringing advancement in security operations and providing fast-track abilities to fight threats across networks, users and cloud.

Watson-Powered chat bots are currently in use to interact with security service customers. IBM had also invested in research projects to bring cognitive devices into its, global existence. A project with code name Havyn, voice powered security assistant that helps in verbally respond and natural language from security analysts.

What do you think about Watson.Can it really helps us in security field.Comment your opinion.

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