Game Of Thrones HBO Social Media Accounts Hacked By OurMine Hacking Group

HBO’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked in the latest cyber security breach. Frequent cyber attacks on HBO entertainment firm as hackers released Game Of Thrones script and company data and demands an undisclosed amount of ransomware.

A group called “OurMine” taken the responsibility of the recent attacks on main HBO social accounts.

Last year, OurMine group compromised accounts of Netflix, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

One of the posts on the social accounts of HBO shows the involvement of “OurMine” group – “OurMine is here. we are just testing your security”.
OurMine is known for hacking high profiles Twitter accounts.

After the breached the posts were quickly removed by the HBO from their social accounts.

Breach of 1.5 TB of Data.

In July Unidentified hackers claim to have stolen more than 1.5TB of data from the company. Hackers released scripts of Game Of Thrones, company private documents and other unbroadcast episodes including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Insecure, Ballers and Room 104.

HBO spokesperson Jeff Cusson says “the review to date has not given us a reason to believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised.”

Four peoples have been arrested for leaking an episode of Game Of Thrones. The accused were current and former employees of an Indian-based media company.

On Wednesday Prime Focus Technologies, said that the leak “was not a system hack, but an illegal breach of obligations by the concerned persons despite PFT’s continual internal emphasis on protocols of content security and ethical practices.”

In the other incident, HBO Europe had accidentally posted the episode of Game of Thrones on the HBO Nordic and HBO Espana platforms. The error was originated with the third-party vendor and the game of thrones episode was removed from the broadcast.

Although, It is clear that HBO’s cyber breaches are far from over.

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