Google Released 2nd Developer Preview Of Android Things

Android Things was first announced by Google in December last year

Now Google has released it’s Android things 2nd preview for the developer with many bug fixes and enhanced features. Google want to create a better Internet of Things(IoT) with the power of android.

New features are included in Android Things Developer preview 2:

  • Support for USB Audio to the Hardware Abstraction Layer for the Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi 3
  • Support for Intel Joule platform
  • Enhanced Bluetooth Stack features
  • Native peripheral API
  • Peripheral manager reporting
  • TensorFlow sample

Statement — According to Google, They offer the most computing power in its IoT which totally up-to-date.

Google have created a TensorFlow sample which helps in demonstration accessing the camera, performing object recognition and image classification, and speaking out the results using text-to-speech (TTS).

Now it is easy to access peripheral I/O from C/C++ by using the Native PIO library for the Android NDK. You can explore more about it by going to its sample page.

Some issues in Developer 1 Preview were:

  • System power management.
  • Bluetooth And USB API.
  • Google Play Services requires 2-3 minutes on first boot to Pre-optimize DEX.
  • Not all API were available.
  • It was only available in Intel Edison, NXP Pico, and Raspberry Pi 3 development boards

You can learn more about the release of Developer Preview 2 on Android Developer Blog Release Page.

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