Google Chrome users will soon be getting a new update that will let users mute entire website.

The user will be able to mute advertisement that automatically pop-up or play in the new tabs.

Francios Beaufort on Google+ revealed the brand new feature that the Google team is working on. In the screen shot he shared, you can able to access the feature by clicking ‘Info’ or ‘Secure’ on the left of the URL you are visiting.

Google Chrome New Ad-Blocker Update Could Change The Way You Surf Internet

This will open a pop-up menu and in it, you can see a new sound option that lets you mute any and all sounds from the particular website.

Google announced this summer that they would be launching the new Google Chrome ad-blocking feature in early 2018. The group “Coalition for Better Ads”, which includes Google, Facebook, News Crop, and the Washington Post is working on the new update that will provide better browsing experience.

The new ad-blocker will not block every advert but will work on those adverts that pop-up automatically and ads that expand on their own.

“In dialogue with the Coalition and other industry groups, we plan to have Chrome stop showing ads (including those owned or served by Google) on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards starting in early 2018″: Google Said.

Google is also testing a new option that will allow website visitors to pay directly, in the compensation for the ads they are blocking.

Named Funding Choices, Google will be ready to roll-out this feature alongside with its new ad-blocker. Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser.

In July 2017 statics by StatCounter, 63.48% Global Desktop use google chrome for their day-to-day works.

Google said: “Chrome has always focused on giving you the best possible experience browsing the web.

The upcoming ad-blocker is excepted to have a big impact on torrent sites and on their revenue. Now let’s see when Google is going to launch the new ad-blocker.

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