Google Assistant Will Finally Be Preparing For Non Pixels Phones

When Pixel and Pixel XL were announced they were packed with a surprise, i.e. “Google Assistant”. These were the only devices in the Android world that got access to it.

The plan of the Google was to keep the Assistant to its Pixel Phones only, but now we know that the Non Google Phones too have the access to Google Assistant. Google Assistant will finally be preparing for Non Pixel Phones.

With the help of assistant, Android users will be having more robust digital experience and can more rely on the answering of questions by Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Will Finally Be Preparing For Non Pixels Phones

Till now it was limited to the new Pixel and Pixel XL only, as a result of what the company has done the best in digital experiences. There weren’t any plans to make Google Assistant available to other phones, but the updation to a new version of Google App (Beta), it has released several new features for beta testers.

Assistant not only works on the latest version of Android, i.e. Nougat (7.1), but there are also reports of the users who have managed to run it in Android Marshmallow without any changes. To use it, we only have to press the Home button and the Google Assistant will appear immediately.

Apart from it, the new version of the Google app have payment components too, even having a liter version of the content display, and search offline options. Those who wants they can test this version of Google App, which is still in very initial phase and might have many error.

We are eagerly waiting for Google Assistant to be release on Non Google Phones. Hope for the best and our we are ready to welcome Google Assistant to our phones.

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