Galaxy Note 7 Expected To Launch Again With New Battery

Samsung recalled the galaxy note 7 last year in September because of catching fires in the mobile units with the battery issue. But now it looks like that Samsung has not given up.

According to the new report, the refurbished Note 7 units with new batteries will be available soon.

The speculation arrives through South Korean news website The Korean Economic Daily, which suggests that the smartphones maybe be relaunched this June.

Samsung will replace the 3500 mAh batteries with 3200 mAh and 3300 mAh batteries, according to the Korean Economic Daily sources.

The note 7 was the best phone to buy, with a brilliant display, beautiful camera, stellar design and it was the Samsung first mobile with an Iris scanner, with improved s pen, and full water resistant body.The move is said to be part of Samsung plan to recover the costs from the initial device recall and avoid environmental penalties from the estimated 2.5 million or so Galaxy Note 7 it would have to dispose of, well this is a leak it’s not yet confirmed officially. So let’s keep fingers crossed and wait for the official news.

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