Facebook Fined 1.2 Million Euros By Spanish Data Protection Watchdog

“Facebook has been fined 1.2 million euros ($1.4 million) for allegedly collecting personal information from Spain users without informing them how the data is being used,”Spain national data protection watchdog said on Monday.

Facebook collects data on ideology, sex, religious beliefs, browsing history and other information without clearly informing the users and the purpose of collection.

The agency, which has been conducting an investigation into Facebook alongside counterparts in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, also said that the tech giant had not sufficiently informed users about how the company would use data that had been collected on third-party websites.

The Spanish data protection authority said that the Facebook privacy policy contains “unclear terms” and doesn’t have sufficient users’ consent to use the information.

Facebook also collects data from people who do not have an account on the social network using cookies but also navigate other pages containing a “like” button, according to the authority.

The 1.2 million-euro fine is small in the context of the company as the company already earned $9.2 billion advertising revenue in the second quarter, mainly from mobiles and video ad sales.

Facebook responded to the verdict and said it respectfully disagrees with the watchdog’s assessment and would appeal the decision. Last year, Facebook won a similar case on appeal against the Belgian data protection agency.

Sally Aldous, a company spokeswoman said,“Users choose which information they want to add to their profile and share with others and We do not use this information to target adverts to people.”

In May, the French data protection authority also fined Facebook 150,000 euro.

Facebook has been always in controversy over how it collects data and how it uses people’s online information, as well as in fake news and hates speech to users around the globe.

In coming days, Germany will bring some of the strictest online hate speech laws on October 1 that will allow lawmakers to fine social media companies like Facebook up to €50 million if they fail to remove hate speech within a period of time.

Facebook, now with 2.01 billion monthly active users and growing much faster with driving ads sales than other tech giants.

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