Have you even wondered how much Facebook knows about you?

Then here is the answer to your question, Data Selfie, a free and open source tool. Basically, it is a chrome extension which uses an algorithm to find out how much Facebook knows about you by learning your social patterns.

Data Selfie is available for free in Chrome extensions store that helps in discovering your Facebook usage. It is a machine learning algorithm track your Facebook activity, insights and your daily habit. Data Selfie is the best example of Watson AI, IBM cognitive system. It is known as the best AI systems in the world.

Once it is downloaded, it started monitoring your Facebook from every post you like, comment or shared and also how much time you spend on Facebook, how many time you scrolled the pace, every minor to major information is collected and analyzed by Data Selfie.

This tool is easy to use because it comes with insight dashboard where you can see all your Facebook usage data. Every information is broken down into color coding so it is very simple to identify your each activity.

Data Selfie stores data on your local computer, so your data is safe and known only to you. It only sends some anonymous data to the server, Which can be deleted or exported.

According to the creator, no personal information is used other than informing you.

Data Selfie A Tool That Can Tell How Much Facebook Knows About You

The code is open source and its source code it available on GitHub. You can download Data Selfie from the Chrome Store Here.

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