Cloud Computing: The Future Computing That Is Physically Unbounded

Cloud Computing is the term used when any computer or a network of computers store and access data or programs or use and deliver services over the internet instead of using any physical drives. Here, cloud refers to the internet. Let us suppose that we are running a big business that needs business apps that are very expensive and that needs high storage capacity and resources, for that we need big machines, servers and networks and to run that we need huge amount of power supply and coolants and big infrastructures and a team of experts that analyse, stock, figure and run them and all that software needs testing, staging, development and production and if there is a problem then say good luck to our business and if the versions of the software come out and we don’t upgrade our business fails and all of these is a wastage of time, space and money. Cloud computing is a solution to the above problems.

Types of cloud computing

Cloud computing is divided into two categories

  • Location of the cloud computing
  • Types of services it offers

Classification based on location of cloud computing

  • Public cloud- When any computing infrastructure is hosted by a cloud vendor and that is shared by multiple organizations then that cloud is called public cloud. The customer has no control or visibility of that infrastructure.
  • Private cloud– When any computer infrastructure is hosted for specific organization and used by that organization is called public cloud. It is also of two types
    • On-premises private cloud- If the computing infrastructure is hosted within the premises of that organization which shares the service is called on-premises private cloud.
    • Externally hosted private cloud- It is similar to on-premises private cloud, the computing infrastructure is hosted for an organization but by a third-party.
  • Hybrid cloud- Organizations may host their services on private cloud and application with less security on public cloud. The usage of both public and private cloud forms hybrid cloud.
  • Community cloud- If the computing infrastructure is shared between organizations of same community called community cloud like government organizations.

Classification based on types of services

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)- This type offers hardware related services like disk storage, database and virtual servers. The IaaS service providers are Google drive, AmazonEC2, AmazonS3 and Flexiscale.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)- It offers a development platform on the cloud. Platform provided by different vendors are not compatible. The service providers are Google Application Engine, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)- It offers complete software on the cloud. The service is provided on the pay-per-use basis. The service providers are all email services, Google Docs etc.   

How cloud computing works
We are familiar with the simple cloud computing service like email service. To access to cloud computing firstly, we need to have a cloud service provider and an account to that service provider then we login and get access to it now we can upload files to the cloud that we want to store, it acts just like our physical hard drive and we can access it from any system, anywhere and anytime by just logging in so it is secure. It also provides a platform to run applications online and manage tasks like MS office online. We need not pay for softwares and applications, it will include in our monthly subscription service pack and we only have to pay for its use and also we need not need to update softwares, it is updated every four years.

Steps for using cloud computing

  • We need to have a cloud service provider application and create an account in it
  • We login to your account.
    Cloud Computing: The Future Computing That Is Physically Unbounded
    • Now upload your files you want to store
    • Now we can access it anywhere.

Features of cloud computing

  • We can access it worldwide
  • It offers huge storage
  • It is easy to set up

It updates automatically

Cloud Computing: The Future Computing That Is Physically Unbounded

Software Updates Automatically

Businesses Using Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: The Future Computing That Is Physically Unbounded

In the recent coming years cloud computing will grew bigger and bigger and one day a time will come that when we minimize the use of physical storage devices and everything will be conducted over the Internet

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