Monday, August 21, 2017

Internet Connected Teddy Bear Exposed Over 2 Million Private Data

The internet-connected toy exposed more than 2 Million voice recordings of children's and their parents, along with email address and passwords for over 820,000...

Yahoo Is Hacked Again Warns Its Users About The Attack

Bad news, Yahoo has Hacked again! Last year, Yahoo admitted that in 2013 the largest data breach was done and over 1 billion Yahoo users...

Anonymous Hacker’s Taken Down 10,000 Website From Freedom Hosting II Sever.

Anonymous hacking group just hacked into Tor-based .onion hosting provider Freedom Hosting II and leaked about 10,0000 of data, with messages alarming to its...




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Critical XSS Vulnerability Found In The Most Famous Anonymous Feedback Platform...

Bad News, the most trending anonymous feedback platform Sarahah has critical XSS vulnerability. Once exploited, an attacker can read, change the actual message, he...
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