Baikal Code-Name For Samsung Galaxy 8

For Samsung, 2016 was the worst year of all the time as the Note 7 went up into halt and it lose approximately $5 billion in Q3 profit(Third Quater). It was rumored the Samsung might ditch the note series but the recent leaks are making it wrong.

A new leak says that Samsung’s next Galaxy Note a phablet, likely to be unveiled as Galaxy Note 8, has been internally code-named as ‘Baikal’. For those who don’t know, Baikal is a lake in southern Siberia, it is believed that it is the deepest lake in the world. Just how that’s relevant to the Galaxy Note 8 remains to be seen.

Baikal Code-Name For Samsung Galaxy 8

Samsung have not confirmed if this is really the code-name for its next flagship phablet and we also can’t expect it to. The company won’t launch the Galaxy Note 8 before the fall.

There is also rumor that it will have a 4K display and the AI virtual assistant Bixby will be introduce with the Galaxy S8, and batteries will be possible from LG.Well its all rumor and till there is no official announcement so we cant say anything.

What we know that there is going to be sure galaxy S8, we just have to wait and watch how better it will be and when it is going to launch in wild.

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