Attackers Using GiftGhostBot Botnet To Steal Gifts Cards Across Major Online Retailers

GiftGhostBot, a new botnet which is specially developed to do gift card fraud that has been spotted online by the cyber security firm Distil Network.

GiftGhostBot is an Advanced Persistent Bot

GiftGhostBot has multiple features, including Advanced Persistent Bot(APB).

  • First, it will hide its identity by always changing its user-agent profile.
  • Second, it is distributed across the various data centre and hosting providers.
  • Third, use sophisticated JavaScript to hook browser.
  • Lastly, if blocked by one technique it adapts and does the attack using different attack technique.

Attackers Using GiftGhostBot Botnet To Steal Gifts Cards Across Major Online Retailers

Cyber Criminals are using the botnet to steal cash from gift cards provided by the major platforms from the retailer’s website.

According to the Distil Network, any website that offers their customers to buy products using gift cards could be targeted by the new botnet. The attack is first spotted on February 26th by the cyber security firm.

Almost 1,000 worldwide websites have been attacking by the GiftGhostBot on the legitimate users of the gift cards.

Attacker behind the GiftGhostBot has a potential to check at the of 1.7 million number per hour gift cards account number, and request the balance for each number.

Once the card number and its balance are correctly matched, the attacker logged into their victim account without any authentication.

Scale Of Attack One Retailers:

Attackers Using GiftGhostBot Botnet To Steal Gifts Cards Across Major Online Retailers According to Distil Network:

“Like most sophisticated bot attacks, GiftGhostBot operators are moving quickly to evade detection, and any retailer that offers gift cards could be under attack at this very moment,” said Distil Networks CEO Rami Essaid. “To prevent resources from being drained, individuals and companies must work together to prevent further damage.”

According to reports:

The attacker is reselling them on the Dark Web or use them to purchase goods and the bad news is that it is untraceable once stolen.

For technical details of the GiftGhostBot head towards the publish made by Distil Networks.

How To SafeGuard Yourself:

  • Keep checking your gift card balance.
  • Treat gift cards like cash. This helps to prevent frauds.
  • Contact the authorities if something wired happens.

For Retailers:

  • Insert captcha- it prevents many bots as they have to solve a problem every time to log in.
  • Examine your web traffic to be sure you were not targeted.
  • Limit the rate of requests to the check your balance page.
  • A retailer should look for bot mitigation solutions.

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