Apple Secretly Store Your Browsing History In iCloud

Apple a multinational company who is knowing for their security policy around the globe but do you know that it is secretly storing your browsing history in the iCloud database(Online data storage facility for apple user’s).

They store your browsing history in the iCloud database even after you delete it from your browser.

Russian software company, Elcomsoft, is known company in developing cracking tool for taking out data from iOS devices.They discovered the issue while experimenting an updated version of its Breaker App.

Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, got the issue accidentally.Then he used Breaker app to take out the data which are stored in the iCloud account and found that the deleted records are still in there.Apple calls the records “Cleared”, not “Deleted”.

“We have found that they stay in the cloud, probably forever,” Katalov claimed.

Apple Secretly Store Your Browsing History In iCloud
Screenshot Of iCloud Data

Apple keeps the record in separated database known as the tombstone.

The entries were included Google searches, website searches, and there visit timing every information where stored in iCloud tombstone database.

Forbes to verify the claim hired iOS analyst to validate the claims done by Elcomsoft. The expert found that the Breaker app able to recover 125,203 browsing history records dating back to November 2015, even after clearing the cache in safari.They were also able to find deleted notes, but they were only kept for a short period of time (30 Days).It is unclear that why Apple stores the history for a long period of time.

Shortly after the claim of Elcomsoft, Sources were commenting that there history’s are suddenly started to disappears.From the news, it has been clear that Apple has begun to remove them.No Official comments are made by the Apple Team.

And another good news is that the Breaker app only works with a user’s Apple Id and Password.So nobody can access to your iCloud information.



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