Apple Is Going To Unveil New iPad Pro And iPhone SE Next Month

Goode news, “Apple might launch its brand new four-inch iPhone SE with 128GB storage and new iPad Pro tablets next month”, according to reports.

A brand new 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be launched, Apple will also release an iPad whose display will be larger, at 10.4-inches.

The Japanese blog Macotakara reported, Rumors of a 10.5-inch iPad Pro date to November.

Apple will launch the new iPhone SE coupled with 128GB of storage model, Macotakara said. A year ago Apple announced iPhone SE with only 16GB and 64GB options. As the increase in demand for Apple’s iPhone SE exceeded supply in the Quarter that ended on March 26 and the other following one will be ending on June 25. The iPhone’s average selling is also declined, pointing towards the popularity of Apple’s low-end iPhone’s.

Bringing the refreshed version of iPhone SE will boost up the popularity. As Apple is thinking of launching more storage capacity which might be coming in 2017, this year. As of now, storage of 128GB iPhone SE is going to be launched by Apple next month.

Macotakara did not estimate the price of iPhone SE 64GB but the analysis of trends tells that it may vary in between from $499 to $549. Rumours of iPhone 8 coming this year which will cost more than $1000, as Fast Company reported.

Rumours of iPhone 8 coming this year are also trending which will cost you more than $1000, as Fast Company reported.

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