Apple Confirms September 12, As The Event Date For Its Newly iPhone 8, Apple Watch And Apple TV

Apple has finally confirmed the launch date for its next generation iPhones 8 on its 10th anniversary, September 12.

The launch is excepted at Steve Jobs Theater (Apple Park) where iPhone 8, iPhone 7s(special edition), iPhone 7s Plus(special edition), Apple Watch and Apple TV features will be revealed.

The launch date starts at 10 AM Pacific Time and the event is named as “Let’s meet at our place”.

At The Special Event.

The Apple is excepted to introduce special edition iPhone, redesigned Apple Watch and its new 4K enabled Apple TV.

Apple will reveal its newly redesigned iPhone 8. The feature is not officially confirmed but it is excepted that iPhone 8 will feature edge display and 3D facial recognition technology.

Excepted features that iPhone 8 will come with.

Apple iPhone 8 is excepted to sport a 5.8- inch Super Samsung’s Super AMOLED display allegedly replacing its retina display. Apple iPhone 8 will lose its home button and will be replaced by virtual software bar which supports multiple gestures.

Slimmer bezel screen design same as Samsung 8 and Essential phones. A Faster A11 processor with latest iOS 11.

Smart Camera for better scene and object detections, 3D facial recognition sensor to unlock the phone and make payments, Infrared sensors to allow for in the dark facial recognition and Inductive charging same as Samsung, Motorola and Apple Watch.

Apple iPhone 8 will feature Stainless steel edges with Glass front and back.

Apple excepted to launch its three phone in the upcoming event, the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and the 10th-anniversary edition of the smartphone, the iPhone 8. The price of iPhone 8 will cost you around $1,000 (Read More Here).

At the special event, Apple is planning to launch its upgraded Apple TV and Apple Watch models. The new Apple Smart Watch Series 3 is excepted to have both LTE and non-LTE models. Apple is excepted to add Intel LTE modem support functionality to its Apple Watch 3 series.

Apple Smart Watch will feature newly updated watchOS4. The watchOS 4 will bring new voice functionality with Siri and ability to connect with gym equipment.

On the other hand, Apple will launch its new Apple 4K TV, which will directly compete with Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast Ultra and other similar devices. The newly updated Apple 4k TV is excepted to have a faster CPU and will stream 4k UHD content.

Apple has lost its prominent value in the Smartphone market in the past few quarters due to competitors like Samsung. The September 12 event is very important to Apple because it will decide the Apple growth in the next few quarters.

Get more information on Apple’s Website details here.

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