Apple Opens Its App Accelerator Program In Bengaluru

Apple officially has launched its new center named as App Accelerator in India to help local developers in building Apple applications.

Phil Schiller, the Apple senior Vice President of worldwide marketing was in the Bengaluru on Friday – his first trip to India for the launch of the new initiative App Accelerator.

Philip Schiller was one of Steve Jobs’ closest friends and a product keynoter.

What Is App Accelerator Program?

App Accelerator provides a unique opportunity for learning about the latest advance in Apple platforms directly from the Apple experts in Bengaluru, India.

App Accelerator will show how to used iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and MacOS capabilities to create new innovative apps for the market.

The goal of the program is to help Indian programmers in building highly innovative iPhone and iPad applications – both for the international and domestic market.

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing said,“We are impressed by the great entrepreneurial spirit in India, and are excited to provide a platform for these developers to share their innovations with customers around the world,”.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans for the program last may during the trip of India. India is the global market for Apple and the company want to gain the ground. Android device by Samsung and other giant have already competing Apple in the global market, although in late 2016 Apple showed growth signs, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.

India is one of the most innovative communities in the world and has already ten thousands of iOS app developers. Apple App Accelerator is now open to iOS developer in India and the sign-up process is going up.

The App Accelerator features Apple Technology Evangelists who will skill for over 500 developers every week.

NASSCOM President R Chandrashekhar said,”“Apple’s commitment to the developer community through the opening of the App Accelerator is a tremendous investment in the future of India’s digital economy”.

Shashank ND, Founder & CEO of Practo said, “We are thrilled to be one of the first developers to work with a team at the App Accelerator.

Reason Behind Focusing In India.

India has the major development community and the fastest growing mobile app marketplace in the world. In a research done by the firm, Evans Daa found that the ‘Asia Pacific Region’ has the fastest growing population of mobile application developers in the world, with India and China leading the list.

Schiller in an interview with Economic Times estimated that there are nearly a half a million iOS developers in the country.

All the major U.S tech giants have already expanded their reach in India. Amazon Web Service opened a new data center in Mumbai the last June. Microsoft opened cloud data center in three Indian cities in 2015, with IBM is going to open its center soon.

The program will help Apple is regaining the ground and also will help developers in shaping their career by making the best use of iOS technologies for rapid digitalization.

To know more information about the sign-up process for the App Accelerator program visit here.

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