Anonymous Hacker's Taken Down 10,000 Website From Freedom Hosting II Sever.

Anonymous hacking group just hacked into Tor-based .onion hosting provider Freedom Hosting II and leaked about 10,0000 of data, with messages alarming to its visitors.

Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked.

Freedom Hosting II website is only accessible by TOR anonymising browser and it is the largest hosting provider that hosts more than 20 percent of all sites on the Dark Web, anonymity and privacy researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis estimated.

Besides defacing all Dark Web Sites hosted on Freedom Hosting II, the hackers also demanded a ransom of 0.1 Bitcoin to return the hacked data to Freedom Hosting II.Now it has been reported that all hacked data from Freedom Hosting II has publicly dumped on the Tor network and .onion based site, which includes emails of the buyers and sellers nearly about 381,000 users.

–Screenshot of the Defaced website of Freedom Hosting II.

Anonymous Hacker took down over 10,000 Dark Web Sites; Leaked User Database

According to the anonymous hackers, more than 55 percent of hosted data on Freedom Hosting II server were related to child pornography.Anonymous hackers also claimed that illegal website was using gigabytes of data where Freedom Hosting II allows only 256MB per site.They also dumped backups of data from Freedom Hosting II most of them are developed on open source platforms like WordPress, PHPBB.

In an interview with Motherboard, Anonymous hacker claimed that it was its first hack, and he was never intended to take the hosting provider.But after discovering several child pornography-related contents, he decided to take down the server.The Anonymous hacker also that claimed he has downloaded 74GB of files and a users database dump of 2.3GB.

Lewis has been analyzing the dumped data and reported that the dumps contain several non-hashed passwords, plain passwords, usernames, hashed passwords from forums hosted on Freedom Hosting II.
The FBI used location-tracking malware to get into Dark Web porn sites and track individual users while it is bad news for all the users who joined the forums and provided their genuine details.

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