Amazon Web Services has launched Chime, a cloud-based video conferencing aiming for businesses. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, Chime allows users to quickly set up meetings, offering VoIP and video calling, instant messaging, and screen sharing. The app feature is similar to that of Hangouts, and Amazon is also targeting Skype — which runs on Microsoft’s own cloud-based Azure ecosystem — with its video conferencing software.

It has many interesting features.Amazon Chime offers lots of different features including a visual rooster showing who has joined the meeting, who is not on time, and who won’t be able to make it. The tool also knows to everyone know who is talking and where the annoying background noise that is disturbing the meeting is coming from. Any user can then mute that participant in order to eliminate the noise.

There are 3 versions of Amazon Chime to choose from. The Basic Edition is free and allows users to join meetings, start a video or audio call, and use Amazon Chime’s messaging and chat capabilities.

Second there’s the Plus Edition that includes a user management feature that costs $2.50 per/month. It allows you to manage on entire e-mail domain, disable accounts, or configure Active Directory, among other things.

The Pro Edition includes video calling, screen sharing, unlimited VoIP calling, and its costs is only $15 per month.

Amazon Launches Its Own Video Conferencing Service Chime

It is also offering a 30 day trail which is free of cost to experience the chime.

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