Amazon Alexa Assistant Is Finally Arriving To Your Phone

The Amazon Echo, internet-connected speakers which let you known weather, turns on the light, call a cab, play songs and more, using only the voice.

But the service was limited, now everything is going to change as it is finally landing on your mobile devices.

That’s because Amazon is finally bringing Alexa assistant to your mobile devices.

Simply open up the Amazon App and you will see a microphone icon at the top of the screen and by just pressing will activate the Alexa.

The company also updated its iPhone App to include its assistant for the first time. It covers every query from asking headlines to making a purchase.

Amazon Alexa Assistant Is Finally Arriving On Your Phone

The updated Amazon app is rolling out this week, with US users will first to enjoy the assistant, however, the upgrade is now only to be on iOS devices.

Alexa also brings access to millions of songs, albums and radio stations, thanks to the new update Alexa on your devices to listen to music from Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music, as well as playing Kindle books.

Amazon Alexa Assistant Is Finally Arriving To Your Phone

Alexa will not replace the default Siri assistant, as users have to open Amazon app every time to use it.

Amazon also added ‘Voice ID’ service that would allow Amazon Echo to make personalised recommendations for products like songs, media etc.
Voice ID can be also used to authenticate purchase made through Alexa securely.

Other reports have claimed that Amazon will also feature Voice Calling, users will able to make and receive calls.

Let’s see when Amazon app on android is going to be updated with the assistant and when it will be launched in other countries.

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