1.5 lakh printer hacked with an warning

Owners of 1.5 Lakh printer have received an unexpected warning messages in the last couple of days: Warning Messages with an ASCII art robot, telling them they need to take the hatches down before something wrong happens.

Questions are how hacker compromised the printers located all around the globe to out the warning messages?

The hacker who were responsible for the attack named as StackOverflowin. They said compromised printers are now using them as botnet– StackOverflowin. Their aim was to draw attention to a widespread security issue.

The message was written by hacker – “For the love of God, please close this port”.Some of the users took the advice and fixed the problem quickly and gave thanks to for the advice.

1.5 Lakh Printer Hacked Printing Warning Message.

According to the PC world’s Lucian Constantin — “StackOverflowin claims to be a UK school student and wants to become security researcher. Besides that now whole world is able to know that even a printer can be hacked.

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