WhatsApp May Soon Show More Chat Details, Introduce 'Size' Tab In Windows Phone

WhatsApp has introduced the new feature in Window app for beta testers.

The beta version 2.17.86, brings more information of individuals chats including the number of media shared. Beta version also have the new feature named as “Size” tab that tells the user which chat is consuming more space and which is taking less space in the app.

A user can just know how many texts there are, the number of GIFS have been shared by just clicking on the individual chats.

Size tab features give information on the basis of the photo and video sizes shared in the chats, updates were made to help users in deleting heavy-media in case of storage shortage. Thus, helping a user in quickly freeing up some memory.

This feature is only available for beta tester, and you can opt to become the beta tester by heading to the Window Store.

The latest beta update is only compatible with Window 10 Mobile users, Window 8.1 users can download Whatsapp Beta version from here.

Recently, WhatsApp revamped their status sharing features which look similar to Snapchats and Instagram. The status will disappear after 24hours and can be only seen by contacts you have added on your WhatsApp.

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Comment below if you have tested the new beta update. Share your thoughts.

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