Unified Update Platform, Microsoft New Technology To Reduce Update Size By 35%

Last year, Microsoft launched its “Unified Update Platform” for reducing window 10 update size and Tech giant, Microsoft claims it will decrease the size of updates by approximately 35%.

Microsoft “Unified Update Platform” successfully delivered the claims.

Earlier in November, Microsoft stated that it will start pushing update delivery using”Unified Update Platform” technology out to Window 10 Insiders.

Unified Update Platform is a technology which will enable users to download only the changed portions in the latest build as compared to your current version.

Since only the changed portion is downloaded, thus the updates are smaller and faster saving much of time and data.

Bill Karagounis, Director of Program Management at Windows Insider Program & OS Fundamentals, said,

“Differential download packages rely on re-using files on your current OS to reconstruct the newer OS. This could include copying files as-is that have not changed between builds, or it could involve applying “binary deltas” or “diffs” to old files to generate newer files. Differential download packages are smaller and can take a shorter amount of time to download.”

Microsoft is using their update technology to deliver faster and smaller updates and the results are in hand. Microsoft demonstrated their success in form of graph and it seems that it actually works well as claimed by Microsoft.

It is clearly shown in the graph, Download size of 2.5GB updates becomes 1GB by using Unified Update Platform.

Unified Update Platform, Microsoft New Technology To Reduce Update Size By 35%

Microsoft also referred to as canonical download packages.

Canonical download packages is a technique where full builds contain all the files for the update and update your features which do not rely on the files of the device. Thus, the canonical packages are larger in size and take longer to download.

Unified Update Platform is currently available to all Insiders running any new builds launched after Jan 2017. Microsoft had paused its Unified Update Platform into Windows 10 for now.

It will be available to all retail users with the creator’s updates, and it is excepted to release in April.

Comment your opinion on new Unified Update Platform technology introduced by Mircosoft.

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