The Nokia 3310 is back, yeah it is coming soon, most toughest mobile in the world.Well, no doubt it is loved all over the world, and now the fans are excited to see it back.

Despite the new technology of today’s smartphones, with their 4G internet connections, touchscreens, fingerprint sensor, best camera and an endless choice of apps – the 3310 still holds a special place in many hearts.Nokia sold more than 100 million of them.


well the above image is rumored and we don’t know is it true or not, but from the image, it seems that it may come with touchscreen and with Windows OS.

A design studio has taken a stab at what the reborn handset will probably look like.concept designer released a video showing the vision of upcoming smartphones of Nokia, and when the snake was the only app anyone needed at that time.

The video shows that the phone will be simple as it was, with poly carbonate coating on the phone.


The video shows only a couple of key changes to the original Nokia 3310, including the merging of an LED screen and a camera.These improvements mean that the handset may end up being slightly chunkier than it used to be.It may come with FM radio and with built in functionality to make your own ringtone.

Well we don’t know more about what will come it with, till then wait for 26 February.

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