Play Nokia Snake Game On Facebook Messenger

Nokia 3310 is coming back with the most famous Snake Game at MWC, 2017.

At, the event Snake Game can be played on Facebook Messenger was also announced by the company. And if you are not planning to buy Nokia 3310 and still want to enjoy the most addictive Snake game.

Then, You are in the right place.

Nokia Snake game is now part of Facebook Instant Game Feature released last year in December. Along with the popular game like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, you can also challenge your friend with Instant Games feature and can enjoy playing.

How to play Nokia Snake Game on Facebook Messenger?

  • Open the messenger app on your smartphone. Ensure that you are running the latest version.
  • Now open an existing conversation or a new conversation.Play Nokia Snake Game On Facebook Messenger
  • Look for the gaming console picture in the feature tab above the text field, where you write your messages.
  • After clicking on the picture you will get a list of games.
  • Search for the Snake Game in the Instant Game features and,
  • Select it, now you can instantly play the Snake Game and can challenge your friend too.

Note: Facebook rolled out Instant Game features to some selected countries. So if your country is not listed then you have to wait.

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Happy Gaming, have you played the Nokia Snake Game on Facebook Messenger? Share your thoughts with us.

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